(6) Document the Agreement(s)

Guess what friends. It’s time for me to get back to my series on problem solving and solve a problem I have. See, it’s super easy to tell yourself that a problem is actually just a quirky feature of your personality. But if it’s hurting YOU (and you only have 1 year left until you turn 40) you should sort it out. So that’s what I’m going to do.

NOTE 1: Above you will find my weight loss contract. This is one of the last steps in problem solving. After you know what to change, you have to commit to that change. This contract can be used with any issue (🥥) really. You would just fill out the sections as they apply to your problem that you are determined to solve!

NOTE 2: I just want to point out that I have blanked out two numbers in the contract below. I know what they are and that’s all that matters. This is not about comparison, it’s about what YOU are committing to do to change YOUR life. Or in this case… what I’m going to do.