2 Adults / 4 Children

This morning we went to breakfast with my parents at Egg Harbor Cafe. Dad and I arrived with Beatrice, Madeline and Claudia. Mom was going to meet us there. When we walked inside we were greeted by a receptionist.

How many?” asked the woman.
We have one more coming” said my Dad.
So two adults and four kids?” She asked.
I’m an adult!” I protested raising my hand.
At least you kind of look like one” she said with that smile adults give children when they think they know better, and she turned to lead us to our table. 🙄

I will be THIRTY-NINE in a few weeks!!! I don’t even think I can count the number of times I get handed children’s menus, cards to write letters to Santa or the chance to get my picture taken with the Easter bunny. People always say I’ll like it when I get older but how much older do I need to get? I’ll be the youngest looking old lady in the retirement home. I’ve even had cashiers remind me that having a fake ID is a crime. 😑 #oldipromise