health and fitness

Here is a peek into my journey to better health. In 2012 I reached my highest (non pregnant weight) of 215 pounds. That’s 100 pounds more than I weighed the day we got married, but then a lot had happened since then. I’ll have to write a post about that sometime…

I joined Weight Watchers and by 2019 I succeeded in losing 30 pounds. And even though I was proud of that accomplishment, the rest of the weight would not budge. And I figured 6 years was as long as I was going to give it. Reluctantly I quit, because I had made some great friends on that program. But I needed to try something new.

In December of 2019 I called a local personal trainer and signed up with her. Between that date and May I lost 30 pounds! I was eating healthy, doing my training sessions and walking on the treadmill. But then I stalled again.

So I’m setting a new goal for myself – I want to lose the last 30 pounds by the end of August. That means about 10 pounds a month so I’m going to toss in one more tool, shakeology. I am going to use that to replace one meal a day, get in my nutrition and reduce cravings (which have been killer since this whole COVID-19 quarantine thing).

I will be posting updates to my progress on this plan and I can’t wait to report back = I DID IT!!!