about me

If you and I sat outside in the Arizona sun it wouldn’t take you long to see… me get a sunburn! We would try not to mistake one of my large barrel cactuses for a poof as we find shade under a tree. And after we settled in I would probably ask how long you’ve lived here, since I am not a native myself.

I have lived in Nebraska, Minnesota, New York, Illinois and Arizona (some states being lived in multiple times at different points of my life). Because of all that moving around I find it very easy to reach out and make new friends. I’m an extrovert and love meeting up with people to do anything. Except camping. No one has ever been able to convert me on this. No one.

Being alone is important to me too, because I have so many hobbies. I like to create art, write, pencil elaborate dreams and plans into the blank pages of an agenda, rescue animals, cook, host book clubs and recently I’ve been into this fitness thing. I’m not really into group fitness so this defiantly falls into my time alone category.

Want to know ten random facts about me?

1. Proudest atypical accomplishment = I have bought three houses for our family without my husband seeing them until we moved in. That was a lot of pressure but everyone loved them all. Kinda glad we’re not moving anytime soon!

2. Most prized collection = I love my planner collection. Of course this includes pens, stickers, glue and everything you need to create perfect plans. I have an entire dresser filled with supplies and they make my heart happy.

3. Biggest (non-serious fear) = Camping. I really can’t even with the idea that that is a vacation. And the idea of sleeping where bugs could be crawling in my face. Just no. I might visit you at your campfire… that’s it.

4. First job I wanted when I was a little kid = I always wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I realized how much school it would take and decided to get married and have kids instead.

5. Go-to comfort-binge TV show = I Love Lucy all the way. Watching her crazy always calms my crazy.

6. Weirdest thing I can do with my body = I can stick my tongue up my nostril. I know, but I actually can.

7. Something I was embarrassingly late to realize = God has a pet name for me!!! I discovered what it was when I was a teenager but didn’t realize it was from God… until THIS YEAR (February 2020). I was floored at how it took me almost 30 years to figure that out!

8. Favorite word = Ho Chi Minh City. When I was little we had this thing called a Franklin Speller. If you punched in every letter you could it always guessed you were looking up Ho Chi Minh City. I can still hear that little electronic voice or ounce it today!

9. Best celebrity sighting = I saw Princess Diana in a car when I was in London as a child. We were on a double decker tour bus and a PRINCESS drove by. It was the coolest thing!

10. Contest I once won = Back when I worked for the marketing department of a hospital, we attended an event for colon cancer awareness. There was a raffle going on and I won… a basket of high fiber baked goods… which was presented to me by “Polyp Man”.

Well now that we’re besties feel free to send me a note. I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have (unless they have to do with math).