Mouse, Jesus Loves You

You had no idea how much it would hurt
You didn’t see it coming
You thought today was just another day
Or tonight another night

But you have been seen and cried for
But I stopped and noticed
But I prayed that you would see Jesus
Or at least feel his touch

Always try to fasten your soul to hope
Always keep moving forward
Always resist fear
Or at least try

Because there is so much more than this
Because life does go on
Because our souls are lighter than our bodies
Or he cares more than you know

You are HIS
But you are HIS
Always you are HIS
Because you are HIS

or soon I hope you understand just how much HE loves you and me…

Note: I actually did write this post about a mouse. Today as I was returning to my car I saw it, and felt so sad. I stopped and took a picture because I wanted you to see it too. Why? Because this is life on earth my friends. It’s awful and hard and tragically sad as often as it’s beautiful. And while we can’t get trapped in fear we CAN feel seen. I saw this mouse today. If you are struggling with feelings like what I pictured above I hope you let the poem I wrote sink into your soul. Because God loves us more than we can take in. He is holding us now, no matter what our lives look like, and can’t wait to have us with him forever soon. Mice die here. But they don’t die in heaven. There is so much more hope than this world can offer.

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