Mouse Party

In February we were in Disney World, and my youngest found a key embossed with “mouse party”. She was SO SO excited to have found the key to the mouse party, but since we were leaving that day she gave it to her father to guard until next time. Ever since that day she has wondered what happens when you find the mouse party…

We have now returned to Disney and the key came with us. Today, Claudia handed me the key and said I HAD to find the mouse party. I told her I would try to find the right cast member to ask. It sounded like a big secret and you needed to ask just the right person in order to discover. And so she asked all morning, “can we trust him” and “does she look like she knows”. I always said no, we had to be careful who we asked… because some people are trying to stop the mouse party from happening and we don’t want to lose our key.

After lunch I had some time to myself and I set my brain on this mouse party “problem”. I grabbed the first cast member I say and asked… “what is this mouse party business”. I had found it also written on a pin so I showed it to them. “Is there really a mouse party or is being here in Disney the mouse party“. They told me it’s Mickey’s 90th birthday this year and so they have a mouse party theme going on. There is a Mickey & Minnie meet and greet (they wear party hats) as well as a mouse party parade where they characters ride floats decorated as presents. There is also a mouse party dance party.

I knew this was not the kind of secret mouse party my youngest was expecting. So I put on my thinking cap. I bought 3 of those mouse party pins I had spotted and looked for something amazing to put them on. I seriously looked and looked and… there!

I spotted white baby Pegasus stuffed toys wrapped in baby blankets. We had just been talking at lunch about the adorable new addition to Cinderella’s royal family – their newest “Cinderella Pony” named Lilly. I showed the girls the photo of the horse below and they had all thought it was the sweetest.

So. Here’s what I did. I bought the ponies and the pins and took them to a nearby bench in the shade. There I removed all tags and attached the mouse party pins. Then a story popped into my head that went something like this:

This afternoon while I was walking around the park I bumped into Mickey Mouse. He looked all dressed for a party in a full tuxedo and sparkling silver shoes. It flashed into my head instantly that he knew about the mouse party because he was clearly dressed for it. So I made my way over and whispered… my daughter has a key to the mouse party. Mickey looked both ways before asking, where is it? I looked down at my feet and told him that it was with her and she had gone back to the hotel to swim. He looked right into my eyes as if he could judge the truth of my tail. It seemed like 100 minutes passed before he said, you obviously have one because not many people even know they exist. And with that he took my hand and lead me over to a brick wall. Mickey touched them in a pattern so quick I could never replicate it, and a section popped open. He reached inside and pulled out a tiny replica of baby lily, with a mouse party pin featured prominently on her blanket. This is your daughter’s prize he said beaming. I took it knowing she was going to be beyond thrilled but then… I looked back up at him and said I have three daughters. They would be so sad to miss out. Mickey nodded and as I looked down I was no longer holding one pony, but three. I have no idea how Mickey did that but when I looked up to thank him he was gone too. I stood there in wonder and then skipped off to tell my daughters what had just happened. Disney World is truly a magical place.

Did this story really happen? Was there a mouse party for real? Did I meet Mickey Mouse? Were these gifts mouse party rewards? Well that friends, is the magic of stories and imagination. I’ll just leave it at that… 😉

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