Tofu, Villas & Hubby Returns

Did you know that I am a Disney Bride? Sure am! My husband and I were married right here fourteen and a half years ago. It was the happiest day of my life and I still feel so blessed to be married to this amazing man.

On this trip, we are staying at the Grand Floridian in a 3 bedroom villa, and we can see the Wedding Chapel from our balcony. The girls had never seen it and I loved showing them where we said “I do”. Seems like forever ago that we started life together.

But I would be doing you all a serious injustice NOT to show you our villa… because you defiantly want to stay here some day! It’s over 2,800 square feet which means that Brian and I are not sleeping in the same room as the kids! I found a video made by Disney to show you where we are. It’s… unforgettable.

We had dinner at Narcoossee’s (at our resort) because the kids were tired from traveling and we all were hungry. I decided to try a vegetarian tofu masalaa and I was so so good. Brian wasn’t here from dinner because he had to fly in from Arizona today. He should be here in an hour or so and we’ll have to go find food for him. Can’t wait to see my hubby as it’s been two weeks since we parted ways at Space Camp.

••• and this is where the post abruptly ended because Brian arrived and we lived happily ever after 😉

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