Do you have framily? The Carey family are those people in our lives because we have lived SO much of it together. When I was 1 or 2 years old my family moved to Rochester, Minnesota… a few houses down from the Knutson family. Before long their 2nd daughter Jill became our steady babysitter. Here is a picture of me (blonde bob), my sister (green hat) and Jill (brunette).

Jill moved with our family when we went to New York. And my parents flew her to us when we needed a sitter. Jill also joined us when we traveled internationally. We ended up calling her Aunt Jill by the time we were teenagers because you couldn’t really be that old and still need a nanny.

When my boyfriend Brian went to Minnesota to attend graduate school he lived with the Knutson family. He was part of their family for 3 years and when I would come to Minnesota to visit Brian I stayed with Beth Knutson – their 3rd daughter, who had her own place. When Brian and I got married the whole Knutson family flew to Florida to be there. Brian and I both attended Beth’s wedding to Brent Carey as well.

About 2 months after we had our first baby Beth and Brent had their first baby. We were staying with the Carey family taking pictures of our new babies together when I got the call that my Dad had suffered a massive heart attack. (Don’t worry… it was scary for awhile but he’s fine now.) We had our second babies months apart as well, and by that time we were living in Minnesota too! We even enrolled our firstborns in preschool together. Then our second kiddos went to preschool together too. For the next 5 years we enjoyed doing life together. Below are some pictures of our kiddos growing up together.

When we moved an hour away after fellowship year, they were the first friends to come visit us. When we moved to Arizona, they were the first friends to visit us. And even though we are so far away we try to get together every 6 months or so. This time we met up at the Dells in Wisconsin. We rented a condo at a water park and did life together for 3 days. The kids had so much fun talking and splashing and laughing and screaming and playing and talking and talking and talking. And I was just as excited to be able to continue being “framily” with Beth and Brent (although being a tired mom there wasn’t as much running around and scary tall water slide action to show for it).

Before going our separate ways both moms made the kids stand for a picture so we could have a photo to cherish until our next visit. Below is the absolute gem we got. A framer for sure!

Now we are back in Chicago at my parents house. Kids are all tucked into bed and sleeping like ROCKS after so much activity. I better crawl in myself. Goodnight!

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