Independence Day & Blue Curaçao

Since I missed telling you about our 4th of July celebration yesterday, I though I would start by telling you I’m no longer in Chicago. I am now sitting in a hot, humid, noisy indoor waterpark in Wisconsin… loving every minute. We met up with our best friends from Minnesota and our kiddos are having a positive blast. I am playing chaperone which for the moment means holding towels, keeping track of flip flops and figuring out what in the world is Blue Curaçao. I mean… do you know? 🍹 #adulting

Don’t worry – I googled it for you. So Blue Curaçao is actually made on Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island. Although the poulation is mostly Afro-Caribbean, there is a significant Jewish influance as well. Two such jewish families, Senior and Chumaceiro, created the only company in the world that has always produced its Curaçao liqueur using the dried peels of the Laraha orange. And while I was poking around looking for information on my delicious frosty beverage I have now decided that visiting Curaçao is going on my bucket list (well, I first need a bucket list… and then this needs to go on it).

Now as for yesterday. I love holidays, celebrations, play dates and all excuses to plan a party. If I were a pony I would be Pinkie – Pie. But life with young kiddos doesn’t always lend itself to that. There are at least 7,684,321 mom blogs out there for a reason. We have a need to know that our crazy is being experienced in houses just like ours all over the world. And in case you don’t have time to check all those sites I’ll tell you the main point of them. Raising kids is loud, messy, painful and spontaneous all wrapped in genuine love, character building, grace and discipline. Okay? You are now alone. See the video below for a real life example:

There you see my family plus my siblings’ families at my parents house as we celebrated Independence Day. We were almost ready to sit down to the BBQ my dad had prepared. But clearly we had waiting a few moments too long and the youngsters had… expired. From this point on nothing actually got “better” but we enjoyed each other, made memories and got those kiddos to bed.

After the kids were asleep my mom and I laid in her bed and watched a Murder She Wrote together. Seriously, after chaos there is nothing like watching Angela Lansbury calmly connect all the dots without breaking a sweat. She reminds me what problem solving abilities women are capable of. (I’m a huge fan obviously.) Yes I’ve even seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks, have you? 🧹

But back to today, here in Wisconsin with the Carey family. The kids are warming up in the giant hot tub in the living room after late night swimming. Madeline (the sensible middle child 😉) is already in bed, aka not pictured below. So goodnight friends. Who thinks I’ll get to bed before midnight? Anyone?! Anyone?!

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