All Happy Families are Alike…

… each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. This is known as the Anna Karenina Principle. By which Tolstoy meant: in order to be happy, a family must be successful with respect to every one of a range of criteria (religion, unity, monitary concerns, in-laws, and so many more). Failure on only one of these counts leads to unhappiness. So clearly there are more ways for a family to be unhappy than happy.

Today my sister and her kiddos came to my parents house to sleepover with us. She arrived at suppertime and my brother and his family joined in too. Of course that meant I had to get a picture because were not usually together these days. I’m so grateful for this picture of US… each captured perfectly imperfectly. I’m truly blessed that we don’t measure each other by criteria, instead love each other through the fun and messy parts of life. There may be lots of ways to be unhappy, but we try to ignore them!

My sister and her husband live in downtown Chicago. My brother and his family live in the western suburbs of Chicago; my parents do as well. And as you know we live in Arizona. And it’s not just physical distance that separates us, life just gets more complicated as you grow older. More responsibilities. More personal goals and interests. Children. But my brother and sister will always be so important to my heart, because siblings are the people we first practice on. They teach us about kindness and compassion and working together and being fair… quite often the hard way. But I am who I am today largely because of what we learned together growing up. And so I love going back “home” to reconnect and learn more about this thing called life. Together.

Also I should note that this morning I headed to the spa to get a mani-pedi. It had been tooooooo long. Plus, I was still sporting my bright red/orange from spring season and I needed to change to white. I don’t know what it is about white nailpolish this year but it is basically an updated, trendier version of the French manicure. And I am certainly NOT the one who told you this, but the Urban Dictionary has an interesting definition of white nail polish as well. 🤫 Or most likely these days the white nail polish women are actually joining together in #solidarity. Against what, I do not know. But who cares ladies, get in white nail formation.

I also FINALLY did laundry (as in washed, folded and put away – big deal right?!) since we have been out of town for seven whole days. The kids will be so happy in the morning when they say “mom, where are my clean undies” and I actually know! 😉

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