Sombrero Full of Cheese and Bugs

Today was family time! Woke up at 10 am and trust me that was not enough sleep. But it was most certainly morning. The kids were just waking up and my Dad was making eggs. My mom stumbled into my room and we both looked like we were hit by a truck… and dragged for miles. 😵 #wishiwaskidding While dad gave the kids breakfast we ran to Target to get some things we needed since TOMORROW is Claudia’s birthday and we would be having company all day.

Now there is no Target in my town so sometimes when I get to go, I lose track of time. I have no idea why women love Target so much, but we all do. By the time I got birthday decorations, a present, stopped to look at pens and planner, bought a card, found an abdominal exerciser, and a cake… it was 2.5 hours later. Oh course I got more things like goggles, a purse and stickers, etc. but everyone does that right?!

When we got back to my parents house my sister was there with her three kids and everyone was in the pool. My dad had made BBQ hotdogs for lunch. I checked my email while sitting poolside and I had an email from our photographer – the girls pictures were ready!!! I’m so in love with the way she captured the spirit of each different one. Here are three favorites:

And it must have been photo day for me because our Family Space Camp photos started populating as well. But in that case there are THOUSANDS of photos to look through to pick out our pictures. So that’s a project and a half (which I’ll have to do on a day I’ve had more sleep). But here is my all time favorite picture because it shows my husband SO SO happy. He has wanted to go to Space Camp since he was 6 years old. Dreams do come true…

Had a pizza supper with my brother’s family and my sister’s family at my parents house. The cousins adored spending all day together. And I loved seeing everyone too. I love my family! Before everyone left my youngest and my brother’s oldest curled up with me in a big arm chair… and we made up silly songs together. I think we spent 15 minutes singing about a sombrero filled with cheese and bugs, stinky daddy armpits, wasps stinging and a top hat with dogs, kitties and a bunny tail inside. There were just so many laughs. I think I enjoyed that most of everything today.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions” and I think he was really speaking to me. As a mom I can get sidetracked into thinking I should change the world, win awards, be recognized, earn money myself, write a bestseller or be in Olympic athlete shape. But the truth is, my days are about small things. A million small things that carry eternal significance and power to direct lives. But I will only succeed in managing these many small things if I keep my eyes from distraction. Today I did that. I wasn’t going to win any prizes for best parenting and end up in a magazine cover. But I did imagine with 2 little 6 year olds and share laugh after laugh with their hearts. And I’m so glad I did.

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