What the More is For

Today was the final day of space camp, and honestly I am pooped. We didn’t even wake up until a trainer knocked on our door. Oops. I rolled over with a groan because (a) I couldn’t sit up as there was not enough room between my head and the ceiling to do so and (b) my top bunk was so hard I literally thought I’d be crippled for life. But I’m the mom so I climbed down the ladder and began packing us up. Took a quick trip to the bathroom and tripped over a ginormous pair of panties that someone had left behind. “How could you not know you lost your underwear” I asked when I got back in our habitat. My mom told me it was probably an dirty pair so they didn’t notice it was gone. Okay eww. We got our flight suits on for graduation and hauled our gear out to the car. My mom snapped a quick farewell picture as we said goodbye to our habitat home.

Then we hurried over to breakfast with 15 minutes left to eat before we were we’re off to our last period of free time to explore before graduation. We went to the gift shop first because there were a few souvenirs each person had their eyes on. Then the girls rode a shuttle experience ride and we headed to the discovery theater for graduation. It was actually surprisingly cool to be official alumni of the space camp program. I felt all smart and tingly and so proud of the girls and SO happy for Brian who has dreamed of this for DECADES!

Then off we went to the airport so Brian could fly back to Arizona for work and we could fly to Chicago to visit family. Of course the hurry wasn’t strictly speaking necessary as his plane was delayed 3 hours and ours an hour and a half. The wrist band we had to wear all week was bothering my skin and since we were in an airport there was nothing sharp to remove it with. But I spotted a police officer and got an idea. I walked up to him in all his tough guy gear and asked if he had any weapons he could use to cut off my band. I mean he would have to right? So he pulled me aside and asked me if I trusted him. “Sure” I said and he pulled out a big knife and cut it off. I said thanks so much and walked off wrist band free! A few people must have seen what happened but obviously had no clue what really happened because they looked at me really weird as I walked by.

Soon after Brian had to get on his plane and I cried, love that guy so much. Then we grabbed a quick dinner before getting on our delayed flight. And I was sitting there after dinner feeling a bit miserable (tired + missing husband + digesting weird airport chili = 🥴) and I got to thinking about my problems. I know. Never the best idea but it’s hard to keep my mind on the right track when I’m exhausted. And once I started down that road I got all kinds of ideas:

  • I’m sleep deprived because we’re flying to Chicago after spending the last three days at Family Space Camp and our plane was delayed.
  • I’m chubby (please don’t check the BMI chart because they use a bit of a harsher word).
  • I miss my husband who flew back home for work.
  • I miss our adorable pets.
  • I’m get frustrated with my kids more easily than I’d like (wish I was Mary Poppins).
  • I’m a lousy housekeeper (dishes and laundry are not my thing or bathrooms or dusting). My husband refers to my style as (there appears to have been a struggle). Can’t argue.
  • I dislike exercise and being uncomfortable.
  • I enjoy food more than I should.
  • I don’t like camping but my family and friends do.
  • I have keratosis pilaris on the backs of both arms, and if I’m being completely honest on my outer thighs as well.
  • My skin is glow in the dark white and doesn’t tan.
  • I’m terrible at making time for myself, I get stuck in give give give mode or give so much I become a hermit for a few days.

Wait, is my list supposed to be this long? I was just BLESSED with a wonderful experience at space camp. I’m on my way to spend time with family that I love. My husband has a job that he adores that provides for us to be able to do these things. I’m able to understand, love and bond with our great pets. I may get frustrated more than I’d like but I do have quite a bit of patience and love. I haven’t had to develop amazing cleaning skills because we have help. I am physically capable of exercise when some can’t. I have food, I’m a great cook and I love sharing that ability with others. I have friends and family who want to do things with me. I could spend more time exfoliating my skin and using creams if it was important to me. It’s actually not good to tan your skin. And I have gifts to share with others. Genesis 12:2 talks about blessings this way: “And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.” Oh. Right. We are blessed NOT so that we can complain that things aren’t our version of perfect, but so that we can bless others. And we are all so rich in different ways. Usually we think financial or material but blessings could be of talents, abilities, time, encouragement, salvation, or any number of things! We have all been blessed with things like these – so we can share with others and be a blessing in the lives of others. God trusts us with a lot and He expects a lot from us in return. And you know, He wants us to have even more than we have now… but we can’t forget what that more is for.

Today I forgot for a moment. I wasn’t blessed with this family and this summer of travel and so much more to complain. I am blessed so that out of His abundance I can bless those around me. So as we head to Chicago and begin this next phase of travel I want you to know this:

  • I am ready to explore what God has for me to learn.
  • I am ready to be a blessing and not a stumbling block.
  • I am grateful.

We landed in Chicago about 10 pm and arrived at my parents house in the western suburbs about 11 pm tonight. After hugging the stuffing out of grandpa, their big fluffy dog and 3 kitties (and having a snack) the kids were bundled into bed. By this time it was 12:30 and I read bedtime stories until 1 am. Can I go to bed now? After I take a shower, because I REALLY need one! Goodnight dear readers. 👋🏻

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