1 Tranquility Base

Woke up (against my will) at 8am. All the kids were still sleeping but Brian was super excited to start our day. He hopped in the shower and I got clothes together for the kids. I think it took an hour to make it down to the lobby for breakfast as we moved s-l-o-w-l-y. Seven hours of sleep is not enough for my children, or me! #hibernateplease 🐻 But we’re living and we are our free breakfast and headed back upstairs to pack up.

Starbucks was our next stop as I missed my coffee yesterday. Venti iced americano please! We had an hour until registration so sitting with a big old cup of caffeine (my last good cup as a civilian) was savored. #starbuckshasmyheart ☕️ P.S. Why is my mom always so beautiful? I want to be like her when I grown up which means I need to smile bigger, lose 50 pounds and work on my hair game.

We made it so space camp!!! First was registration, orientation, getting fitted for flight suites and setting up our habitat. #homesweettinyhome 📦

I love love the quote posted outside our habitat and had to snap a quick picture with our girls: “Through these doors enter the world’s future astronauts, scientists and engineers.” Then we skiddered off to orientation and met the leader of our little group – Team New Shepard. She hurried us off to our first stop which was amazing… a lecture by Austrinaut Lawrence DeLucas. #totalfangirlaction 🙆🏼‍♀️ He is an American biochemist who flew aboard NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-50 as a Payload Specialist. He talked all about how he became an astronaut and he’s adventures along the way. So so cool.

Then we built rockets that we will launch tomorrow and headed to prepare for our first mission. I was Commander of the international space station and NASA was flying some scientists up to work on experiments with us. There was a script for the mission as well as steps and experiments that needed to be executed. After practice we had dinner and a guy spilled orange soda all over my mom. She really is such a good sport. #everythingissticky 🍊 Then we returned and actually did our first mission. Very cool experience, which showed the importance of teamwork and being to multitask like a fairy godmother in charge of three princesses.

After our mission (don’t worry, it was a success) we had a lecture on sustainable farming before crawling on our tongues to bed. #pleaseletmesleep 😴 So now it’s 9:30 pm and I’m laying in my little bunk in habitat 308 putting the kids to bed with a sleepcast about trains from Headspace. There is nothing in the world for putting kids to sleep like those! (And although I would love to pretend I subscribed to the app to learn better meditation practices… it was really for the sleepcasts.

So I’m going to sign off now since we have to be at breakfast at 7:45 am SHARP tomorrow and I’m still tired from our late night yesterday. Guess I can sleep when I’m dead right?! Here’s a picture of me in my flight suit. I really hope to get one of all of us together. #maybetomorrow #oratgraduation #ornever #reallife 🤷🏼‍♀️

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