6C and Jet Setting to Alabama

This morning was brought to you by the number 6 and the letter C. We are traveling from Arizona to Alabama as a party of 6 (three adults and three children). Although I just got my period yesterday and I feel like that should count as a whole other person. #forreal πŸ™„ So after taking Aleve for my rotten headache on an empty stomach because I was running about like a crazy mom, I thought I was going to puke. Of course I didn’t think about puking until I was in the car and my awesome husband offered me a Starbucks for the road and I said “no thanks, I’m so sick to my stomach”.

At that point my mom pulled a one pound brick of cheese from her purse, complete with a knife, and offered it to me. At first I thought… umm… I’m good, but my husband told me to eat the cheese. So with a “thanks” I took the huge cheese and cut some slices off. Unfortunately I was not feeling great still, and missed my Starbucks. #sob 😭 Oh well, one lost Starbucks opportunity won’t kill me. Probably.

By the time we got to the airport I was feeling mostly better. But I still had that headache thanks to my trusty period, so I guess making myself sick with pain medication on an empty stomach was just a bad call made by a rushed mom packing for a family of five. But I’m going to have to admit that the check in process made me slightly lose my cool. When I used those nifty new computer booths I got 1 bag check tag, one blank sticker and 3 receipts for the extra $90 I paid to check bags. No tickets. Hmm… about half an hour later things were sorted out, only 1/3 of the children were begging to find a potty and we still needed to get through security. #notenoughheadspaceforthis 🀯 Deep breath, search for bathroom.

Now here is a tip I’m going to share to save time, embarrassment and your modesty. Do NOT attempt to wear overalls through the security checkpoint. Just don’t. While my kids all sailed through the metal detector with their shoes & watches on I made the thing scream like a chicken. They had me try again. And again. And again with my hands covering the buckles. And again. Nope. It screamed every time. The guy pointed out that it might be all the metal on my overalls, I agreed with him but assured him and his friends that I really couldn’t take them off. #mombod 😝 Fortunately they were very understanding and sent me to the full body X-ray machine. I lit that sucker up like the Fourth of July. Which means that I was headed for the pat down. After locating a woman to perform the full body once over I was fully examined for “stuff”. She looked disappointed to discover that the only thing in my overalls… was me.

At this point you grab a train to the correct terminal, look for $10 sandwiches to take on the plane, fill water bottles, use the bathroom AGAIN and find your gate. We arrived just as boarding began. My mom was a SAINT and sat in the row with our three girls and my husband and I got to sit in the row behind. I slept on his shoulder the whole way from Arizona to Texas. It felt like we were on our honeymoon. I don’t remember being so cozy and feeling so loved since… this morning when my husband washed my hair in the shower. #husbandgoals πŸ₯°

Quick dinner was grabbed in the Houston airport during our layover. My youngest daughter and I got taco bowls and she declared that to be her new favorite food. Have to admit I’m a fan of taco bowls myself and I’m guessing it’s a veritable staple food in Texas. Our connecting plane was delayed an hour due to storms but we didn’t care at all. Gave us a chance to check out the chocolate shop we walked past! #chocolateismagic 🍫 Then we boarded our next plane to Alabama.

That flight we were seated as two, two, two. I sat with our littlest peanut and they dimmed the lights. She got out her stuffy and blankie and popped her thumb in her mouth. #lovethatshestilldoesthis πŸ’– I just knew this was going to be the snuggliest flight ever. And I was RIGHT, which if you have been reading this whole post from the beginning (yes it’s long) you know my day started out a bit stressful. The flight attendant even slipped me a bottle of Chardonnay with a secret wink and pressed a package of sherbet gummies into my daughter’s little hand. Score!

Reminds me of Isaiah 43:18-19 which says, “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” This is such a key #momlife πŸ™πŸ» verse because it encourages us to forget the hard times and embrace the resulting joy. Which isn’t easy because we can get stuck feeling like the world owes us some unresolvable debt. But it’s not true. At all. It’s such a greater testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit to forget what happened before, and not to even consider that old stuff so that we can perceive the work God is doing NOW. I admittedly don’t do this well, but it’s certainly a goal of mine.

Huntsville, Alabama was our destination today and we arrived about 11 pm. With children who usually go to bed promptly at 6:30 pm this was a stretch. My middle daughter was yawning at 3 second intervals, but other than that everyone was doing fine. We got our luggage (all of it). Rented a car (without a glitch). And played I spy with a sweet little girl on her way to her grandmother’s funeral. She was really good at it. All our luggage fit into the rental car and our hotel was 5 minutes from the airport. By 12:30 am we were in our room and by 1 am all the kids were SOUND asleep. #bestsleepers 😴

Goodnight everyone. Today was a good travel day. Now I get to curl up with my handsome hubby and join the kids in dream land. Thanks for sharing our summer adventures through this blog.

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